Due to our work educating the public over the last almost two years, we have received a continual exponential influx of calls and emails from cat owners and concerned citizens who need help trapping cats. We are always eager to assist and ensure that these cats are spayed/neutered, given rabies vaccinations and microchips once they have been trapped. 

Unfortunately, this rise in interest means we are struggling to meet demand as a small, volunteer-run organization. We simply do not have enough traps to help everyone in need, or at least not help them right away. To this end, we are holding a Trap Donation Drive to help us purchase more traps and trap-related equipment so we can fulfill our mission as quickly as possible for everyone who contacts us for help.

A picture of a cat gravity trap kit from Tomahawk Live Traps.Your donations will help us purchase high quality traps from our favorite vendor, Tomahawk Live Trap (https://www.livetrap.com/index.php). We are specifically looking to purchase:

  • 8 Neighborhood Cat Gravity Trap Kits ($326.06 each)
  • 1 Remote Controlled Drop Trap Kit ($465.90)
  • 1 XL Drop Trap ($224.70)
  • 6 Transfer Cages ($144 each)
  • 1 Humane Roundhouse Trap ($112.50)



Note, if you or your company would like to purchase one or more of these items for us direct, please contact us at mychelle@siouxempiretnr.org and we can arrange for the shipping details.

We use Zeffy.com, a free donation platform for non-profits for our donation drive. You can make donations with a credit card, ACH, Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you prefer to pay via Venmo or Paypal, our Venmo account is @SETNRC and our Paypal address is siouxempiretnr@gmail.com. If you’d like to make a donation via check, email mychelle@siouxempiretnr.org for mailing address information.