Ranger, a tiny white kitten, wrapped in a blanket.

Fundraiser for Ranger

Well it seems appropriate for our first news post to talk about a kitten in need! Since Sioux Empire TNR Coalition’s goal is to reduce cat overpopulation, we don’t normally take in kittens but work with other rescue groups, such as The Kitten League, to handle intake and adoptions. However, word of this little life came to us this past weekend and since every rescue is overwhelmed with kittens, we just couldn’t say no.

Ranger is an approximately six-week old kitten who is severely underweight. Her mother suffered a traumatic injury and as a result, stopped feeding her kittens. The rest of the litter was able to compensate, but tiny Ranger could not, and aside from being underweight, she has a possible eye infection and potentially other conditions such as blindness or a neurological disorder (or her disorientation may simply be from lack of nutrition – we hope this is the case!) We already have her on medication and a veterinary checkup is scheduled for this week. Ranger will grow up to be a beautiful flame point Siamese.

Ranger gets her name from the fact she came from a Ford truck restoration farm and we thought it fit!

We are starting a fundraiser to help with her medical costs. Please donate to help Ranger and share this post!